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ADCE Awards

ADCE, 2020- act

The ADCE Awards bring together the best European design and advertising work, both at the national and international levels, setting the highest benchmark for creative excellence in Europe. Known as the "Champions League of creativity," the ADCE Awards have been held for more than 30 editions, recognizing and providing visibility to the best projects in six different categories.

3 Trofeos Premios ADCE oro plata bronce
Ganadores premios ADCE con caja packaging trofeo en las manos
Detalle trofeo azul Premios ADCE
Composición trofeos Premios ADCE

About the trophy

The concept that inspired the trophy design was the winner's exhibition campaign, which featured the outline of the logo and an image inside. What we did was change the image to a photo of plastic waste, and from there, the idea began to take shape.

In terms of form, previous editions were based solely on the star, but the irregular surface didn't invite a comfortable grip and joyful lifting. That's why, when prototyping the volume of the complete logo with the "A" around it, we saw a significant improvement in ergonomics. We wanted the new shape and size of the trophy to allow the winners to literally grasp the identity of the ADCE Awards.

The material used is HDPE plastic from selective garbage collection, specifically from soap and detergent bottles. In fact, the trophy smells like soap due to the residues that inevitably remain embedded in the waste. It is manufactured through an extrusion process, in which we attempted to standardize a typical flaw of this industrial process known as "dispersion." This search to standardize and normalize something that the industry considers a flaw has been a fascinating process of aesthetic exploration. We believe that the value of the trophy elevates the material from garbage to the status of a noble material.

Composición trofeos Premios ADCE

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