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Our main focus is sustainability and design excellence, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that the event is always a success. At AWW, we fully adapt to the needs of companies and institutions, and we accompany you throughout the trophy design process, from the conceptualization phase to final manufacturing and customization.

1. Briefing

The first step is the briefing, where we define the assignment. To do this, we start with an initial meeting where we discuss the number of units, the available budget, timelines, expectations, and any other project requirements.

3. Manufacture

Once the design stage is completed, we begin the trophy manufacturing process. We offer various manufacturing processes, such as injection and extrusion of recycled plastic, machining, and casting of recycled metals, as well as various customization methods, such as laser engraving and UV printing. The choice of these processes will depend on the specific requirements of each project.

2. Design

Once all the details are defined, the exclusive trophy design phase begins. During this stage, a series of ideas and concepts are generated and shared with the client to choose the shape, material, color, size, and details of the trophy. This phase is carried out at OiKo Design Office, a product design studio located in Barcelona, specialized in ecological design and sustainable material development.

4. Delivery

Finally, the completed trophies, with all the details carefully finished, are packaged and sent to the client. Subsequently, the client will present them to the fortunate recipients who will receive these unique and exclusive trophies. Winning is important, but winning a great ecological trophy is Another Way to Win.

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