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Laus Awards

ADG FAD, 2020- act

The ADG Laus Awards are the most prominent and prestigious Graphic Design and Visual Communication awards in Spain. Since 1964, a new edition of these awards is celebrated annually, recognizing the best projects in five categories: Graphic Design, Digital, Advertising, Audiovisual, and Students. The main purpose of these awards is to promote design, highlight its cultural and economic significance in society, and support professionals in this field.

Composición trofeos oro premios LAUS
Photocall entrega premios LAUS
Mano desencajando 2 piezas trofeo premios LAUS
Trofeos premios LAUS oro plata bronce

About the trophy

The original design of the trophy was created by designer Tomás Vellvé, who was one of the founding members of the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of FAD. Over time, this trophy has been manufactured using various materials such as brass, acrylic, and silicone. However, the ADG board contacted us with the aim of giving the trophy a new perspective, focusing on its sustainability.

Our response to this commission was the incorporation of recycled plastic from different sources and rice husks to create the base material of the trophy, following a responsible and environmentally-friendly approach. This evolutionary process involved both technical and aesthetic aspects and culminated in the creation of a material with a surprising finish and a deliberately imperfect aesthetic. This material distinctively represents the different award categories, such as gold, silver, the Grand Laus, and the Laus of Honor. The relationship between form, production process, and material itself was a significant challenge, and we worked closely with the manufacturer, always under the artistic direction of the board presided over by Dani Ayuso.

Composición piezas de prueba proceso diseño trofeos premios LAUS

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