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Beach Handball
Champions Cup

EHF, 2022 - act

The Beach Handball Champions Cup is a European club beach handball competition. As its name suggests, it has the distinctive feature of being played on a different surface, replacing the traditional vinyl floor with fine sand, and the crowded stadiums with sunshine and sea breezes. This competition has been organized since 2003, and it wasn't until 2018 that this sport found its place in the Olympic Games.

Ganadoras competición Beach Cup EHF femenino sujetando trofeo
Ganadores competición Beach Cup EHF masculino sujetando trofeo
2 trofeos Beach Handball Champions Cup sobre fondo azul
Mano levantando trofeo Beach Handball Champions Cup

About the trophy

Since we were tasked with designing this trophy, we were excited about how the EHF approached the graphic communication of beach handball and saw great potential in the tournament's logo. It had a very strong shape that we decided to build upon, with the idea of giving it volume and three-dimensional dynamism. By twisting the logo's geometry and narrowing it in the grip area, we achieved a highly dynamic and visually appealing volume. The top face is inclined at a 40-degree angle to ensure the logo is recognizable from a frontal view.

Furthermore, this trophy has an intriguing aspect—it functions as a heat dissipator. Given its geometry, the trophy's surfaces are maximized with many horizontal walls, allowing the solid to have a greater surface area exposed to the air, thereby enhancing its heat dissipation capability. This is crucial for its context as it is exposed to the sun during tournament hours, preventing it from overheating excessively.

One of the production challenges was to find the right process and material for the complex volume we envisioned, while also ensuring durability and a good finish. Ultimately, we achieved the desired result by using a sintering process with a technical polymer, in combination with metallic elements and internal ribs. The graphic application was also a challenge, as even though it may seem simple, it is done manually with the help of templates.

Detalle estrella trofeo Beach Handball Champions Cup

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