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Best Tourism Village

UNWTO, 2021

The World Tourism Organization annually designates various destinations around the world as "Best Tourism Village." This award recognizes rural destinations that are embracing tourism as a driver of development and new opportunities for employment and income while preserving and promoting community-based values and products. The initiative also acknowledges villages for their commitment to innovation and sustainability, with a focus on tourism development aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Persona sujetando trofeo Best Tourism Village 2021
Entrega del trofeo a los ganadores del Best Tourism Village 2021
Composición trofeos Best Tourism Village 2021
Trofeo Best Tourism Village 2021 con packaging detrás

About the trophy

To design this trophy, it was clear from the beginning that the piece should creatively, innovatively, and originally evoke the concept of "rurality." Starting with a Polaroid photo frame as a representation of memories kept and shared after a tourist trip, a design was created using steel and wood, two materials commonly found in the construction of villages.

In the end, steel was chosen as the material to produce the trophy. Using a plate of recycled steel with a rusted finish that gives it a rural touch, the negative of the awards' logo is machined, and the graphics are applied through screen printing and UV printing.

Furthermore, custom packaging was designed, a wooden box with a hinged opening, and lined with recycled cork on the interior to protect the trophy from bumps and scratches.

Composición zenital base hierro trofeos Best Tourism Village 2021

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