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Casio Mercury Free

Casio recognizes educational institutions that are committed to sustainability and energy conservation. They award them with a commemorative plaque for choosing their new range of innovative and eco-friendly projectors, which are mercury-free, to equip their facilities.

Casio, 2019

Manos sujetando trofeo tipo placa Casio Mercury Free
Entrega galardón Casio Mercury Free
Composición tablero plástico reciclado y placa de hierro grabada del trofeo Casio Mercury Free
Mano sujetando trofeo tipo placa Casio Mercury Free

About the trophy

To create this design, several client-imposed conditions had to be taken into account. The trophy needed to be wall-mountable and have dimensions suitable for optimal readability at a distance. To reinforce the corporate identity and the promotional campaign, a decision was made to incorporate a lot of color, drawing from the wide range of colors that the eco-projector works with, and generating a white geometry in the shape of the projector itself.

Made from recycled HDPE board from bottle caps and iron sheet painted with water-based paint with YAG laser engraving, an elegant and well-balanced composition was achieved between the Casio brand logo and the Mercury-Free recognition.

Detalle mecanizado de placa hierro del trofeo Casio Mercury Free

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