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Cruz Roja


The Red Cross is a voluntary and public interest humanitarian institution that annually awards both companies and individuals for their collaboration and trust in the humanitarian organization. Through their support, they contribute to assisting victims of natural and humanitarian disasters, as well as vulnerable communities.

Cruz Roja, 2022 - act

Comprosición trofeos premios Cruz Roja
Photocall entrega de premios Cruz Roja
Persona guardando trofeo Premios Cruz Roja en packaging caja de cartón
Detalle UV Print trofeos premios Cruz Roja

About the trophy

The design of the trophy follows a very simple line, based on the typical square totem-shaped award and the corporate colors of the Red Cross, which are red and white.

The materials used are recycled plastic, reflecting our studio's identity, and machined steel sheet. Playing with the contrast between the two materials and colors, a cutout is made in the steel sheet in the shape of a cross, creating the image of the Red Cross logo. The graphic application in this case was crucial, as each trophy was personalized with the recipient's name. The technique used for the graphics is a UV print on the steel.

Custom packaging was also designed to ensure that the trophies could be sent to each recipient without any issues.

5 trofeos premios Cruz Roja

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