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Institutional gift

ESCI UPF, 2023

ESCI-UPF is the Superior School of International Business of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. It specializes in international trade education and global business training, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as international research collaborations and partnerships with businesses. Additionally, each year, this institution provides a small gift to members of the school.

Regalo institucional ESCI cajita de madera con faja de papel vegetal con frase impresa
Exterior edificio ESCI UPF
Mano abriendo cajita de madera regalo institucional ESCI
Caja de madera abierta con 4 semillas de Ginkgo Biloba en su interior

About the trophy

Following the concept of the honorary award inspired by the Ginkgo Biloba tree, this small institutional gift consists of a wooden box containing 4 seeds from the same tree. The seeds are placed on a cork-made cushion with 4 holes where the seeds are fitted. The lid of the box features an engraving of the same Ginkgo Biloba leaf design as the honorary award. To keep the box closed, a translucent paper band is used, bearing a message for the awardee that says: "We want to grow with you," with a double meaning that alludes to growth from the seed and collective growth as an institution.

Detalle grabado láser sobre cajita de madera regalo institucional ESCI

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