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European League Handball

The European League is a European club handball competition organized for over forty years by the EHF, the European Handball Federation. It is considered the second most important European competition, with teams participating based on their ranking coefficient in the EHF. Teams qualify for the competition through their national leagues or cups.

EHF, 2021 - act

Composición Trofeo European League Handball 3 perspectivas
Ganadores levantando la copa de la Europa League Handball
Detalle de placa con inscripción del galardón European League Men 2021/22
Trofeo European League sobre fondo rueda de premsa

About the trophy

The design of this trophy follows the lines of the design created for the Champions League, creating a trophy under the same concept and form, but with variables that distinguish it as the second-tier tournament. For that reason, the size of the award is smaller, and the color is silver instead of gold.

Detalle del material del trofeo de European League Handball
Medallas oro plata bronce European League Handball

About the medals

Alongside the trophy, medals are manufactured to be awarded to the players of the top three teams (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). These medals are crafted using the same process as the trophy, utilizing aluminum casting, which allows the European Handball Federation logo to be embossed.

On the reverse side of the medals, laser engraving is performed to personalize them with the name of the tournament and the date. Furthermore, the ribbons are also manufactured and customized, and the final assembly of the medals takes place.

Tira de tela medalla European League Handball
Parte trasera medalla European League Handball con grabado

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