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Our experience in the industrial sector has given us the ability to select the best process for each trophy, taking into account all the constraints of the project. Different manufacturing processes are adapted to different materials and shapes.


Plastic recycling extrusion involves melting the material and passing it through a die, which shapes it by applying heat and pressure. This process allows us to obtain products with similar and uniform cross-sections. At AWW, we use this process to create trophy bases with different shapes, finishes, and materials, ensuring quality and precision in each piece.



Recycled plastic injection is a process in which melted plastic material is injected into a mold with the desired shape. Once the plastic cools and solidifies, the piece is removed from the mold. This process is used in the manufacturing of more complex and detailed parts. At AWW, we work with this process to create exclusive and high-quality trophies, ensuring that each piece has the exact shape, finish, and detail that our clients desire. Furthermore, we have experience in recycled plastic injection and offer the opportunity to explore new shapes and textures using your own waste material, transforming it into trophies.



Machining is a key process in the manufacturing of standard trophies. At AWW, we use techniques such as milling, turning, and cutting to shape a variety of materials. Machining allows us to create complex shapes through a straightforward process and is perfect for producing geometries related to your brand, whether it's the logo or any other graphic element.


Casting is a fundamental process in the production of our premium trophies. At AWW, we employ various casting techniques that allow us to create trophies from a wide range of materials. Casting is a versatile technique that enables the creation of intricate shapes through an efficient process. This process allows us to achieve complex and large-sized forms.


Laser engraving

Laser engraving is an essential technique in the customization of our exclusive trophies. At AWW, we use equipment that utilizes laser technology to precisely mark and sculpt a wide variety of materials. This technology allows us to add personalized details to the trophies, including names, dates, or specific designs. Laser engraving is an invaluable tool for enhancing the uniqueness of each award, enabling us to create trophies that stand out for their attention to detail and meticulous personalization.

Grabado láser

UV Print

UV printing is a process that uses ultraviolet light to instantly dry and cure the ink. This process allows us to accurately print full-color designs directly onto a wide range of surfaces and materials, including glass, concrete, metal, and plastic. UV printing is especially effective for achieving vibrant reproduction of logos, graphics, and details on trophies, providing an exceptional level of customization and quality in each of our awards.

UV Print
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