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III BASF Circular Economy Award

BASF, 2020

The BASF Awards for the Best Circular Economy Practice in Spain aim to recognize projects or research efforts that, based on the principles of the circular economy, substantially contribute or have the potential to contribute to the development of business competitiveness in our country. These awards specifically focus on projects that incorporate the perspective of environmental and social sustainability into their development and objectives.

Composición trofeos III Premios BASF
Entrega premios photocall III Premios BASF
Trofeo III Premios BASF
Detalle trofeo III Premios BASF

About the trophy

The proposed design for the trophy aims to emphasize the circular economy values of the awards through the choice of materials and the circular geometry of the pieces. 

The circular trophy is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and 90% recycled iron sheet. In terms of color, the design utilizes the turquoise color from the corporate identity of the awards, applying it with non-toxic water-based paint. The corporate graphics, award categories, and environmental information are applied using the UV print process.

Composición trofeos III Premios BASF

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