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Environmental sciences 


College of Environmental Scientists of Catalonia (COAMB), 2015

These awards are an initiative of the College of Environmentalists of Catalonia (COAMB) and the Catalan Association of Environmental Sciences (ACCA). They aim to highlight the role and work of the environmental sciences community in our society. The awards also recognize the trajectory of environmental studies in Catalonia, interdisciplinary research, entrepreneurial initiatives in the environmental sector, and efforts to communicate the challenges of environmental sustainability.

Composición trofeo premios Ciencias Ambientales COAMB 2015
Ganadores de los Premios de Ciencias Ambientales
4 trofeos premios Ciencias Ambientales COAMB 2015
Mano sujetando trofeo premios Ciencias Ambientales COAMB 2015

About the trophy

The design of the trophy is based on the complementarity of shapes to maximize material utilization and minimize waste. In this edition, the awards were redesigned from previous editions, which featured a leaf symbolizing the environment and renewable materials. In this case, the design takes the idea of complementary forms a step further, where all the disciplines represented in a trophy share a common shape, representing their common goal.

The trophy consists of two pieces, one made of beechwood and the other from mixed recycled plastic sourced from packaging materials. These two pieces represent what nourishes and what envelops, symbolizing the body and the heart. This design creates an elegant and simple trophy that effectively conveys the values of environmental commitment and dedication in the field of environmental sciences, essential for continuing the fight for a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Detalle trofeo y folleto de declaración de impacto ambiental del trofeo premios Ciencias Ambientales COAMB 2015

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