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VIII European Waste Prevention Awards

Catalan waste agency, 2017

The European Awards for Waste Prevention are organized by the European Commission and the Catalan Waste Agency. These awards aim to highlight the most significant actions in waste prevention carried out in Europe. The awards have six categories, one for those responsible for these actions (Public Administration, Associations, Companies, Educational Institutions, Citizens, and Others) to recognize their efforts and showcase the most innovative actions.

Composición trofeos VIII Premios Europeos prevención de residuos
Ceremonia entrega de premios VIII Premios Europeos prevención de residuos
Detalle trofeo VIII Premios Europeos prevención de residuos
Mano sujetando trofeo VIII Premios Europeos prevención de residuos

About the trophy

The design of this trophy is based on the use of circular materials and aims to contribute in various ways to reducing waste and making better use of available resources. In this way, the trophy itself communicates the range of possibilities that the Catalan industry offers in the field of waste prevention.

The proposed award is based on circular geometries that evoke the recyclability of materials as a key strategy for waste prevention. The concentric circles resemble the schematic representation of an atom, emphasizing the essential nature of matter. The result is a monumental trophy made entirely from circular materials, with nearly 80% of the total mass of the trophy coming from recycled waste materials: recycled concrete from steel mill sludge, post-consumer recycled plastic, cellulose from paper industry sludge, and non-alloyed iron.

In terms of communication, the graphic identity of the awards organization is incorporated so that the trophy can be fully identified, not only by its shape but also by its graphics.

Partes desmontadas del trofeo del VIII Premios Europeos prevención de residuos

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