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Natura Awards

Natura, 2019 - 2022

The Natura Award is a recognition and a show of admiration for all those projects and individuals who work day by day to generate a positive impact somewhere in our world. The company Natura has been providing financial support to various NGOs with humanitarian aid or biodiversity conservation projects since 1994, awarding them with this trophy.

3 trofeos Premio Natura 25 años sobre mesa de madera
Ganadores Premio Natura con trofeo en las manos
Detalle tronco de madera natural grabado trofeo Premio Natura
Persona sostiene trofeo Premio Natura tronco de mandera natural

About the trophy

Under this premise, the 'trunk' concept is proposed as the structural element that supports the branches, leaves, and fruits of trees, which are also essential for maintaining the balance of life on our planet. The trophy is designed from a trunk decomposed into individual fragments through cross-sectional and longitudinal cuts. We placed great importance on making the trophy entirely monomaterial and chose natural ash wood trunks from national sawmills and FSC-certified responsible forests located in the Navarre region.

Nature is unique, and that's why each of the trophies is unique as well, with differences in texture, shape, and color specific to each trunk. The graphics are applied using CO2 laser engraving.

Troncos cortados asseradero

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