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Red Emprendeverde Awards

The "Red Emprendeverde Award" is organized by the Biodiversity Foundation, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, with the aim of rewarding green entrepreneurs who stand out for their contribution to the sustainable economy by helping them create and consolidate their businesses and recognizing their ideas and initiatives.

Fundación Biodiversidad, 2014

Trofeo Premios Red Emprendeverde segunda edición
Ceremonia entrega de premios Premios Red Emprendeverde segunda edición
Composición trofeos Premios Red Emprendeverde segunda edición
Mano sujetando trofeo Premios Red Emprendeverde segunda edición mostrando parte posterior con información huella ambientak grabada

About the trophy

For the second edition, a trophy design has been proposed that reflects the enthusiasm and dynamism characteristic of an entrepreneur while directly representing the graphic identity of the Biodiversity Foundation. The trophy represents the leaf of the logo, whose curve has been stylized to symbolize the progress and drive of a sailing ship or a wave in full swing.

It is made from recycled materials, both of urban origin (Cellulose + PE) and industrial (PE), demonstrating how environmental improvement actions are a reality and an opportunity for innovation, design, and benefit for businesses.

It consists of two elements that overlap to create the intended image while also providing the necessary surface for displaying the required information.

Dosier proceso diseño trofeo Premios Red Emprendeverde segunda edición

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