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South Summit: 
Innovation is now

Ecoembes, 2016

The European Business Awards for the Environment recognize companies that are committed to environmental sustainability in their work. Combining the economic viability of a business with environmental protection is rewarded.

These European awards, organized by the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for Ecological Transition, have been held in Spain since 1997 and serve as recognition for all these companies dedicated to the care of the planet.

PREMIO EUROPEO Lightroom-21.jpg
Ganadores south summit
PREMIO EUROPEO medioambiente trofeo

About the trophy

This award showcases the strength of nature through the profile of a sequoia tree, a symbol of resilience and longevity through its coherent development within the ecosystem.

The trophy's embodiment follows the design of a cylindrical totem composed of two parts: the structure and the covering. The structure is a circular extrusion made from recycled plastic, available in various colors chosen from the chromatic range of trees. The covering is a rolled sheet of painted recycled steel, machined to create the cutout of the sequoia silhouette, allowing the color of the structure to color the tree. The award's own graphics are laser-engraved onto this covering using a YAG laser.

An appropriate packaging has also been chosen for the trophy's transportation, with a European eco-label on the exterior providing information about the trophy's environmental impact.

PREMIO EUROPEO paripe total.jpg

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