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Taules & Taulons


The 'Taules & Taulons Awards' are a recognition of the participants in a unique adventure: the creation of a collection of recycled snowboards by various artists and designers over more than 15 years.

Taules & Taulons, 2014

Trofeo Premi Taules i Taulons
Entrega premio Taules i Taulons
Parte trasera Trofeo Premi Taules i Taulons
Trofeo Premi Taules i Taulons

About the trophy

The design of the trophy is based on the shape of a snowboard on white snow. The main element of the award is a black-scaled snowboard made from recycled plastic collected through charitable campaigns, typically bottle caps. The snowboard is anchored and framed against a backdrop of plaster, a white material that perfectly represents snow and, at the same time, is the go-to material for healing any potential injuries incurred during the practice of this sport. The plaster is reinforced with esparto fibers to make it more durable, stable, and of the highest quality.

A handwritten narrative text describing the values and actions of the group of 50 transformers of 'Taules i Taulons' is incorporated into the trophy, placed on the back of the award.

Composición Trofeos Premi Taules i Taulons

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