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The Ocean Race 

The Ocean Race, 2023 

The Ocean Race is the world's greatest round-the-world sailing race. Participants compete in high-performance boats specifically designed to withstand extreme ocean conditions. During the race, teams face variable weather conditions, from calm seas to raging storms, as they sail around the world.

Ganadores de The Ocean Race 2023 levantando su trofeo
Trofeo de The Ocean Race diseñado por AWW trophies
Trofeo de The Ocean Race diseñado por AWW trophies

About the trophy

This project represented a significant challenge, as we not only had to create a unique trophy, we had to develop a whole collection to suit the different categories of the competition. The design of the main trophy is inspired by gentle ripples symbolizing the waves of the ocean. This exceptional piece is available in three different sizes, corresponding to first, second, and third place. For the fourth and fifth places, we created a plate-shaped award with the same undulations to maintain formal coherence with the main trophies.

The trophy for the VO65 Sprint Cup Race category takes as its starting point the design of the VO65 boat shared by all the participants. This impressive piece is composed of several layers that present the three-dimensional geometry of the boat, giving it a dynamic appearance. To maintain consistency, we followed the same criteria of varying the size for the first three places and created an additional award in the form of a plate for the fourth and fifth places. In this case, the lines of the ship are cut out of the sheet metal, following the same concept applied to the main trophy.

For the Overall In-Port Race category, we opted for the boat-shaped silhouette, a distinctive feature of The Ocean Race's corporate identity. We repeated this shape to create a pattern applied to both the trophies and the plates.


The material choice for all trophies is polished stainless steel, which blends in perfectly with the maritime environment of the race. For the personalization of the trophies, we use the laser engraving technique.


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